The following article describes how to purchase DIDs from a user management portal

1. log in to your account.

Main portal View :

2. On the top right of the portal window you will see your current balance (A)

3. On the top menu, press on "Inbound"

4. On the Inbound submenu press "DIDs"

DIDs portal view :

5. You will see all of the DID's that are currently connected to your account (B) and their destinations.

6. Press on "Purchase", a new selection area will appear  (C).

7. Chouse your desired country first.

8. We are currently using the selection of Province as DID Type - this title mismatch will be fixed in the future.

9. Select the available DID Type you wish. (D)

(In the case that Province list is empty, its mean that all of the  DID list supports Voice + SMS

10. Select the city that you wish (optional)

11. Select one of the Available DID lists that you wish to purchase  -  You will see for example :

1234567890 ( Setup : 15.00 USD)(Monthly : 10.00 USD )

12. after checking that you have sufficient balance for Setup + Monthly fees, Press on the green purchase button.

** Attention **
In order to connect the new DID to your trunk

 View here


Canceling / Releasing  DID

In order to cancel DID - all you need to do is to click on the release (G) button and confirm(H).

Please note that when you release a number, you will not have the ability to re-purchase it for a period of time.