The following article describes how to register a new account on the user management portal.

1. Goto  :

2. Press on "Signup Now"

Sign UP Form :

3. Fill up all the fields in the signup form:

    a. All fields are mandatory except the company name 

    b. Email address should be unique! and will need to be verified 

    c. Please change the timezone for your local timezone 

    d. Enter Captcha 

4. Press "Sign Up "

One Time Password Form (OTP):

5. You will see the OTP from 

6. You will get an SMS or Email with the text 

Please use one-time password xxxxxx to activate your account

7. enter the one-time password in the form 

This password is valid for 4 minutes 

You can press on "Click Here" for resanding a fresh OTP by email

8. You will get a welcome email with your credentials (account number & password )

9. Save the credentials from the welcome mail in a safe place  

10 . You will redirect back to the login page

11 . Login with your credentials