This guide will lead you, step by step, to your virtual number, which will allow you to send and receive phone calls to and from every location worldwide, as well as other advanced features, such as sending and receiving text messages, using multiply numbers on a single device, redirecting and routing of incoming calls, etc.

1.    The first step would be to create an IsraelNumber account.

Once verified, the login information (User Name and Password) will be sent to you by email. 

 2. Login into your account at the login page.   

After login, you will be able to access your IsraelNumber's account portal.  On the portal page, you will be able to access your account information and perform many actions in your account.

3. In order to get invoices within your TAX ID and address, please update them in the portal as mentioned here 

4. Before you start buying numbers and using services, you will need to charge your account with some funds. If this is your first time, for security reasons, you will have to contact our support, to allow the fund's deposit.  Please email us at, including your account ID, and we will assist you as soon as possible.  Once the account was confirmed by our support, the following deposits can be performed independently.  Clicking this link will teach you how. Notice that you will receive an email notification when funds were successfully added.

5. Having charged the account with some funds, you can now purchase a DID number for incoming calls. This guide will direct you on how to do it.

6. What is left now is to connect your account to a softphone. You may use your preferred platform. We recommend Zoiper 5 software. Here are instructions for downloading, configuring, and connecting to your Israel Number account.

7. You can now receive calls made to your allocated number/s, anywhere in the world.  You can make outgoing calls, from your softphone.  Click for Call Rates according to destination. In most cases, you wouldn't be charged for incoming calls received on your allocated numbers. 

8. This guide will direct you on how to approach all the information about your account, actions, and payment issues.